Tech That Makes Trucking Safer – – GANT News

Check out some of the cutting-edge tech that makes trucking safer. Fleet managers all over the country are looking for ways to reduce accidents and costs.

For anyone that hasn’t been paying attention, technology is flooding every aspect of our lives. Good or bad, technology is here and it’s not going anywhere. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea that every device can connect to another via the internet and wireless technology. The IoT is in your thermostat, appliances, cars, and television. Now, it’s in tractor trailers too. The trucking industry is looking to improve safety and efficiency within the fleets. A good trucking company, third party logistics, or a freight broker will incorporate technology into their fleet to increase the safety of their drivers and the public. Here is some of the tech that makes trucking safer.


Forward Looking Cameras

In-cab cameras have been around for a while now and have established themselves as a reliable dash cam. The quality of the camera and images they capture have gotten better year after year. The biggest reason for the cameras is to defend the fleet and driver in cases of collisions as well as to prevent phony insurance claims. The public tends to fault the big trucks when there is an accident with a passenger car, when the opposite is usually true. Cameras help in court, so drivers don’t take all the blame.

Driver Scorecards

Driver score carding got started in the early 2000s when fleets were implementing smart technology that would harvest data on how a truck or driver is performing. The information reports back information on where trucks are having problems in operation and where improvements can be made. Bad driving behaviors will lead to increasing maintenance and repairs of the