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 Kurt Verlin

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Volvo Trucks Virtual Walk-Around
Photo: Volvo Trucks North America

In the market for a semi-truck? With physical distancing and travel restrictions in place because of COVID-19, it can be tough to properly shop around and find the perfect truck for your business. Volvo Trucks is attempting to remedy this by offering a virtual walk-around.

In the past, prospective customers could visit the Volvo Trucks Customer Center in Dublin, Virginia, to get a proper, physical look at the trucks that would potentially enter their fleets. And while the center is still currently open, its capacity for in-person vehicle reviews is now very limited.

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Instead of going to Virginia, Volvo is encouraging customers
to contact their dealer sales representative and request a virtual experience.
All it takes is a computer or smart device with an internet connection.

Volvo Trucks has recently been launching a slew of new technologies
and equipment
for its VAH and VHD trucks, but customers haven’t exactly
been able to get hands-on with the new