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SRT Logistics unveils new IVECO X-Way assets

Refrigerated transport provider, SRT Logistics, has taken delivery of four new Australian-made Euro 6 IVECO X-Way prime movers.

The 6×4 prime movers have been assigned to the company’s Laverton North depot where they will be used to help meet rising demand in the wholesale and retail food sector.

Operating from Port Melbourne, where they are loaded with goods that have arrived from Tasmania, the X-Way trucks are towing single trailers to the distribution centres of the major supermarket chains.

Trailers are coupled and uncoupled an estimated 15 times a day, seven days a week.

According to SRT Logistics Director Brent Miller, who started out as a company driver before he bought the business in partnership with his brother Robert in 2012, the IVECO X-Way allows operators to connect or disconnect the trailer more efficiently given the connections for the airlines and cab tilt are on the driver’s side of the cabin.

“They don’t even have to step up onto the catwalk, it can all be done at ground level,” he said.

“This makes the process safer, faster and overall just easier, especially considering that they are coupling and uncoupling so many times per day.”

Looking at the specification of the X-Way, Miller decided it was ideal for single trailer metropolitan work.

“With output of 460 horsepower and 2150 Nm, a 12-speed automated manual transmission and a full suite of safety features, on paper the X-Way ticked all the boxes for us. We then had the opportunity to access a demonstrator which confirmed that the model was an ideal fit for our application,” he said.

“The engine is responsive and output is right where it needs to be — why pay for extra horsepower when it’s not required? Contracting to the major supermarket chains, we also needed to