COVID-19’s toll on trucking topic of next ‘Live From Exit 24’ – Land Line – Land Line Media

The upcoming episode of “Live From Exit 24” is going to tackle COVID-19 and its effect on truckers, trucking and how it forced the reimagination of special events like the Guilty By Association Truck Show.

The show, which will be live streamed at 11 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 23, will feature guest host Jami Jones, managing editor of Land Line, and special guest Bryan “Boss Man” Martin of 4 State Trucks and the Guilty By Association Truck Show.

“Life as we knew it took a cosmic shift in March when everything started shutting down,” Jones said. “It’s important to recognize the depth and breadth of the toll it took on all things trucking.”

OOIDA member Chante Drew, who battled COVID-19 earlier this year along with her husband, will also be on the show to tell their story and how it changed their lives.

Stories like the Drews are what drove conversations and shaped not only business decisions, but decisions about special events like GBATS.

“We had a lot of long conversations about what GBATS would look like in the era of COVID-19,” Martin said. “They were important conversations that led us to make a very tough, but in the end right, call on this year’s show.”

Jones and Martin will be taking calls throughout the hourlong live streaming event to talk about what COVID-19 and the changes to trucking have meant to truckers – who were deemed essential workers during the pandemic.

They will also talk about how when new challenges are presented how creative solutions can be found so that life as a whole doesn’t feel quite so surreal, like the upcoming livestreaming GBATS.

New show, ‘Live From Exit 24’

“Live From Exit 24” was created with the goal of expanding how OOIDA communicates with truck drivers.

The hourlong, audio-only program is scheduled for 11 a.m. Central every