From Kasese To Kampala In 8 Days – New Vision

From Kasese to Kampala in 8 days

Samson Bagonza Engineer in Chief works ministry

I appeal to any of the six members who happen to read this to contact me and we celebrate our successful journey of 35 years ago.

Most people know Samson Bagonza as the engineer-in-chief at the works ministry.

35 years ago, he was just another student on vacation in Kasese, which had been cut off from Kampala by civil war.

A bold, but risky, journey he took then changed his life forever. About two weeks ago, he relived the trek in a symbolic 2km journey in Maddu, Gomba. Below is his story…

It was a Sunday on September 22, 1985, when I heard my name on the 8:00 pm news on Radio Uganda.

I was in Kasese. The British Council Office in Kampala was informing me to report at its offices to finalise arrangements to travel to the United Kingdom for further studies.

The good news was, unfortunately, a slap in my face because both road and rail transport from Kasese to Kampala had been cut off for about two weeks.

There was a blockade of western Uganda from the rest of the country due to a stand-off between the National Resistance Army (NRA) and the government then.

After the July 1985 military coup that saw Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa take over power in Kampala, NRA moved out of the Luwero Triangle and took control of western Uganda. But I was advised to try my luck